#1 | Smart marketing with smart speakers: placed advertisement

Smart Speakers from different providers are largely used for simple tasks, like listening to the news or checking the weather. Those speakers do not run paid advertising, so brands have approached the devices in two ways.
1) Some try to hack the code on search results to ensure that their products are mentioned first when users say they want to buy a specific item.
2) Another way it so create entertaining games or advice tools. For example, instructions how to get a stain out of garments. Like this, they build loyalty or name recognition.

Read more here: https://nyti.ms/2Pl0Cy1

#2 | Billboards – world’s oldest advertising medium survived the digital era

Today, in the midst of an online marketing boom, Billboards are far from ourdated. In fact, they are one of the fastest-growing ad commodities on the market with a 35% increase in ad spend since 2010! How come?
1) It’s far cheaper to reach 1K of people compared to TV, radio, print or on social media.
2) Billboards have evolved with the time to the point where advertisers can now track nearly all of the same metrics with a billboard as they can with digital advertisement. Optimization in the industry is made possible by a tremendous amount of anonymized, location-based mobile data.

Read more here: http://bit.ly/2BVuI7S

#3 | 5G will change everything once it became the new normal

The evolution of cellular networks has always changed the way we live – the coming shift to 5G will transform the way we think about communications again. For telecom companies, the 5G architecture means a lot of investments that need to be done, including to build a dense network of antennas that can deliver 5G signals. Once that has happened, you can expect super-fast cellular connections as well as new opportunities to consume content – this efficiency will become the new, astounding normal.
This future is full of compelling prospects, and taking full advantage of the looming cellular revolution will be key to staying competitive in a truly wireless economy.

Read more here: http://bit.ly/2QGonFj

#4 | UBER wants a share of electric scooter rental business – still in 2018!

Uber, the most valuable ride-hailing app in the US, wants to be known as the go-to destination for ALL on-demand transportation needs. Naturally, its latest efforts have gravitated toward getting a pie share of the booming rental business of electric scooters! Therefore, Uber has decided that its best path for acquiring the position in this market is to acquire the leader. There are rumors that Uber is looking to secure a deal with either Bird or Lime before the end of the year, which suggests negotiations are already at an advanced stage.
And by the way, Uber already owns a minority stake in Lime who is a minor player in the market. Bird would be the real deal for Uber!

Read more: http://bit.ly/2QjrZxM

#5 | Smartphones + AI = low-cost universal mental health CARE?

Early diagnosis of depression symptoms could help millions of people to whom it poses a problem, but many mental disorders are difficult to detect. Stanford University scientists found out that face and speech software can identify signals of depression with reasonable accuracy. Since literally everybody is facing these technologies, there are hopes that technology could be deployed to cell phones worldwide and facilitate low-cost universal access to mental health care.

Read more here: http://bit.ly/2AZUjui


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