#1 | Instacart gets rid of (Amazon’s) Whole Foods

When Amazon aquired Wholefoods, rumors stated that they also did so because of two reasons: First of all, Amazon didn’t do so good in the Online Grocery Market – this share is owned by Instacard (in the US). Secondly, Wholefoods is part of Instacart’s delivery network. Therefore, by acquiring Amazon, they may have thought to be able access data and more about Instacart’s Secret Sauce. But just about a year after The Whole Foods and Amazon merger, Instacart is dropping the all-natural grocer.

Read more here: http://bit.ly/2Bvpeix

#2 | In the future, Calvin Klein refrains from paper advertisement

Paper is so yesterday.. that’s why jeans brand Calvin Klein has announced that it will stop advertising in print starting 2019. From February on, their advertising model is “digital-first, socially amplified ” and with a focus on strong video content. This means, CK plans to post more frequently on social media platforms, work more with micro-influencers and host local events. Sustainable or smart? – You decide!

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#3 | Find the stylish + inexpensive furniture you desire with an app!

Watch our, home decor and furniture freaks! Ever wished you had an app where you load up a picture over a ridicously priced piece of furniture… and then just find a reasonably, similar-looking and much cheaper pendant?? Walmart’s home furnishing e-commerce site, Hayneedle, is partnering with Walmart Labs to test its own in-house visual search technology and provide you with exactly this. Only catch is that
the app will only find a comparable product on Hayneedle.com. So let’s see how this goes – it will be available in the app stores soon.

Read more here: http://bit.ly/2Rbkp7Z

#4 | Starbucks to update technology to its shops – and partners with Uber Eats

Recently, Starbucks has done a pilot in Miami which worked pretty well, therefore Starbucks begins renovation efforts across a third of its US shops. What will happen? Starbucks will allow for its stores to integrate more technology and add to novel format changes (eg. express door pickups for mobile orders). Furthermore, Starbucks plans a partnership with Uber Eats to expand its Starbucks Delivery program into a quarter of its U.S markets. So for 2019, it looks like Starbucks has lots of things on their plate… or in their cup!

Read more: http://bit.ly/2LscRIB

#5 | Mattel makes sure we’ll have lots of Barbie movies to watch in the future

Due to digitization, the toy business hasn’t been much fun lately. Toy cars, dolls, and action figures are competing for the attention of children, who are spending hours a day playing games on phones, tablets, computers and consoles. Small and big toy companies realized that they would have to get creative to sustain. Therefore, Mattel’s action plan, the 74-year-old company behind Barbie, Hot Wheels and Fisher-Price, is to set up licensing their brand more in the future, eg. for TV series and blockbuster movies… and other swag you never knew someone needed?!
In fact, analysts say that the new strategy for Mattel is reminiscent of one crafted by longtime rival Hasbro…

Read more here: https://nyti.ms/2EH8zfU

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