#1 | WeWork’s Adam Neumann steps down as C.E.O.

WeWork’s co-founder and C.E.O. Adam Neumann has decided to step down, facing pressure from investors who wanted to halt his attempt to take the company public. Institutional investors signaled that the real estate firm might be worth only $15 billion on the stock market, which is significantly less compared to a private valuation of $47 billion made in January 2019. Neumann’s lavish lifestyle, highly impulsive behavior, and outsized control over the company through special voting shares were also a major source of concern. All of this proved too much for his key backers such as Softbank’s chief executive, Masayoshi Son. WeWork then appointed two current executives, Sebastian Gunningham and Artie Minson, as co-chief executives with Neumann remaining as nonexecutive chairman of WeWork’s parent, the WeCompany. Read more here: https://nyti.ms/2mYXwXT



#2 | Facebook exempts politicians’ posts from its rules

Facebook has decided that it won’t delete politicians’ posts even if they go against posting guidelines. The only exceptions to this rule are paid ads and speech that incites violence. The social media giant’s communication head Nick Clegg argues that it’s not up to the private company to intervene when politicians speak as “in open democracies, voters rightly believe that, as a general rule, they should be able to judge what politicians say themselves”. Also, if a politician shares previously debunked content, such posts will be paired with fact-checker notes, enabling users to learn more about the topic. But it remains to be seen how will Facebook define politicians as well as what type of content will be treated as the one that might lead to real-world violence and harm. Read more here: http://bit.ly/2nAC5wt



#3 |Amazon launches a virtual clinic service for its employees

Amazon has launched a virtual health clinic, called Amazon Care, which provides its employees in Seattle with telemedicine and in-person services. The platform enables users to see a doctor or registered nurse via a mobile app or website and ask for advice, answers, diagnosis, treatment, or referrals. Also, the company will prescribe medications via this service. But far from employing any doctors, the e-commerce giant has contracted a local clinic called Oasis Medical Group as a service provider. Experts argue that this initiative signals Amazon’s growing interest in the health care and telemedicine market with the company first testing new products on its employees before expanding to the general population. Read more here: https://cnb.cx/2n3y1EP



#4 | Lacuna helps cities cope with all the bikes and scooters

Bike-share programs and other eco-friendly modes of transportation have disrupted the urban landscape. Scattered bicycles and scooters block sidewalks and frustrate residents, forcing local authorities to look for potential solutions. A company called Lacuna offered to help by enabling cities to collect and analyze data from bike- and scooter-share services. Departments of transportation could then find new ways to optimize various transportation options. The company will also offer open-source mobility software and advisory services, having already purchased tech consulting firm Ellis & Associates. Read more here: http://bit.ly/2n6PJao



#5 |Twitter cracks down on financial scams

Twitter has expanded its rules to prohibit financial scams, which were until now handled through a spam reporting tool and were never directly addressed in the platform’s guidelines. The new policy explains that users may not use spam techniques to create accounts, tweet, or send Direct Messages for the purpose of obtaining money or private financial information. And the company is looking for scams like trust-building scams, fraudulent discounts, and money-flipping schemes. This move comes as Twitter faces criticism for allowing obvious phishing attempts and crypto scams to run as promoted tweets, prompting the social media firm to increase oversight in this area. Read more here: https://tcrn.ch/2maslIX


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