Detecon and Nectir, an intelligent ideas management SaaS company, together have created a new joint-offering and approach to innovation and idea management.

The partnership builds on Detecon’s expertise in strategy, innovation and digital transformation, and allows clients to build on the expertise of more than 1,000 Detecon management consultants around the world to discover more innovative opportunities and achieve stronger results from their ideation programs using Nectir’s platform. The Nectir platform specializes in the ideation phase of the innovation process, the phase in which ideas are collected from employees and then vetted to find the innovative ideas with the greatest potential. Too often, these employee-generated ideas go unseen and as a result, businesses miss out on potentially amazing opportunities. “Companies, now more than ever, need to integrate and harness the innovative ideas of their employees to grow their positions in rapidly changing markets,” said Philipp Schett, Managing Director of the Detecon Innovation Institute. “Without the right tool to manage the development of these ideas, the next game changing innovation might never be implemented or even identified.”

“Culture, incentive, and strategy are all extremely important in running a successful innovation program,” said Tristan Maddigan, Founder of Nectir. “We wanted Nectir to be the most effective and intelligent idea management platform available.” 

Nectir achieves this via a user-friendly interface with both open idea submissions and management-driven challenges. The platform is powered by a proprietary gamification algorithm that incentivizes engagement, as well as a strategy algorithm that ensures the most aligned ideas get the most visibility. Agile idea sprints allow for the strongest ideas to be further vetted before implementation – this results in a platform that drives smart and effective results and ensures all ideas are heard.

Detecon will use their signature process to help clients build effective corporate innovation programs that are aligned to the company’s OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). Through the unique combination of a cutting-edge software platform and innovation expert consulting, clients can start innovation programs that deliver results quickly and increase the effectiveness of existing programs.

“Our engagement with Detecon is absolutely ideal. They are best-in-class digital transformation agents. We’re excited about the ideas and solutions that could be delivered as part of the partnership,” Maddigan said. 

“We are really excited about Nectir’s unique approach to innovation management: Strategic alignment is one of the greatest competitive advantages for companies, and together with Nectir, we can make sure all innovative ideas are developed to support the overarching strategy and growth of our clients,” Schett said.

The two companies will be holding a 2-day masterclass on enterprise innovation from December 4th to 5th at Detecon’s San Francisco office.

For further details or to reserve your spot for the masterclass, visit

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