Innovation Masterclass

Become the corporate champion for aligned, inspiring and results-driven innovation


December 4 and 5, 2019

San Francisco, California – $1499

Registration closed

February 12 and 13, 2020

San Francisco, California – $1499

February 19 and 20, 2020

Berlin, Germany – $1499

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You acquire the skills to become a future-oriented Innovation Master

Inspire a new culture. Incentivize and promote innovative mindsets.

Spot impactful challenges. Use your sense for needful innovation to address outdated practices in your organization.


Lead by example. Encourage idea ownership and collective guidance.

Orchestrate the rich knowledge of experts. Structure the collective brainpower and source the right internal knowledge for rapid idea validation.


Play your practical innovation skillset. Build idea-driven business models by applying hands-on innovation tools.

Execute based on clear insights. Enhance innovation tracibility for accelerated execution.

Our intense curriculum prepares you to drive innovation across your organization 

Set strategy and OKRs

Identify and set a strategy and OKRs based on internal strength, existing culture and external opportunities. The strategy and OKRs are supported through an effective leadership communication strategy.

OKR Development

Define ambitious objectives with a focus on strategic priorities and in line with your innovation plans. Design them in such a way that they can be quantified and translated into clear results.

Strategy Alignment

Align your organization to its strategic North Star with a focus on agile strategy execution to overcome major challenges.

Corporate Awareness

Involve all stakeholders in planned innovation initiatives. Transparently communicate all activities to maximize support within your organization.

Business Model Innovation

Leverage new insights on your innovation potential and translate them into scalable business solutions.

Empower and incentivise all stakeholders 

Identify the best incentives that will drive the company’s strategy and goals. Empower your organization’s employees and internal champions through method training and trend inspirations.

Motivational Leadership

Learn to incentivize performance and motivate your teams to innovate constantly. Inspire through experience.

Inspiring Workplace

Accelerate your business by creating a collaborative work-space that empowers people to develop and pick up on promising ideas quickly.

Committed Ownership

Promote pro-active ownership of identified challenges to eliminate common bottlenecks.

Collective Guidance

Introduce Future Work practices that foster collective ownership and partnering of like-minded people across the organization. 

Set challenges to collect ideas

Launch campaigns and create set challenges based on identified opportunities. Reinforce organization-wide collaboration through ongoing leadership communication and cross-functional workshops.

Open Innovation

Learn how to establish a culture of open idea sharing in- and outside your organization. Grow the pool of innovation opportunities to capture multiple perspectives.

Challenge Brainstorming

Establish lean and intuitive channels to capture, streamline and benefit your employee’s insights through open feedback.

Opportunity Mapping

Assess innovative ideas in cross-functional teams based on value-adding opportunities to increase your company’s velocity.

Ecosystem Building

Establish a network of diversified competencies. Maximize your perspectives on upcoming opportunities and jointly lead them to success.

Validate ideas through sprints

Augment method training through facilitated sprints that validate feasibility, viability, and desirability of ideas. Strengthen validation through external market data, customer research, and technical assessments.

Innovation Sprints
Establish a design-oriented sprint culture to identify meaningful innovation initiatives and accelerate their development into scalable solutions.
In-house Consulting

Source expert knowledge from within the organization to assess feasibility of ideas in the innovation pipeline.

Design Thinking

Foster rapid validation of opportunities by promoting the Design Thinking methodology and a “fail fast, learn faster” mindset.

Trend Support

Use trend scouting tools to underpin your innovation initiatives. Strengthen your validation decision with relevant external and internal performance and market data.

Execute fast to achieve strategic goals 

Assess and realign OKRs. Create momentum through quick wins and start disruptive initiatives for your “moonshot” goals. Reassess and realign OKRs as needed.

Agile Prototyping

Rapidly prototype new solutions to test and reiterate them. Incorporate new thoughts and refine innovations until just before implementation.

Skill Boost

Learn how to identify start-ups that can complement your expertise and how to leverage their skills to achieve aspired results more quickly.

Product-Strategy Fit

Realign validated business solutions with initial OKRs to ensure that the desired output can be achieved. Provide a reliable decision-making basis for executives.

Fast Scaling

Apply the right strategy to enable fast implementation of green-lighted business solutions. Drive fast scaling to see measurable results of your innovation endeavor.

Your organization needs you to leverage everyone’s unheard ideas

You look to become the ambassador for result-driven innovation.

You aim to boost your innovation process with an aligned strategy.

You are eager remove innovation bottlenecks and drive promising ideas.

You strive to turn your organization into a thriving innovation community.

You believe in people as essential source of innovation, but you aren’t sure how to incentivize them.

You see the innovation potential in your organization, but you need the skillset to turn great ideas into outstanding business solutions.

You are the next Innovation Champion

This innovation masterclass, offered in the heart of San Francisco, will empower current and aspiring innovation managers with the right tools to enable strategy-driven innovation in their organizations. Leveraging decades of practical experience in corporate innovation, the course will not focus around the newest innovation buzzwords, but only hands-on methodologies that will deliver fast results for corporate innovators.

Using the power of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), participants will be able to set a strong innovation strategy, communicate it in an aspiring and inspirational way and learn how they can motivate everyone in the business to participate in paving the way for new innovations. To utilize everyone’s brainpower in an organization, the future innovation champions will learn how they can create innovation challenges that will lead to exciting solutions, insights and ideas. Detecon will showcase a roadmap for developing new business solutions from abstract ideas – and how companies can validate ideas in quick, agile sprints.

After successfully completing the innovation masterclass, the new Innovation Masters will be able to incentivize and promote innovation within their organizations. Innovation Masters will be internal champions for driving ideas, facilitating resources and guiding others through the innovation value chain. This also enables an upskill of innovation talent within the entire organization and allows businesses to gain a growing pool of growth opportunities.

Feel the unique innovation spirit of Silicon Valley

Dive into the vibrant space of Silicon Valley during your masterclass hosted in our San Francisco head-office. Thoughtfully designed rooms are inspired by Future Work concepts. They create a space for you to thrive in the interactive workshops with brain-teasing activities and hands-on innovation experiences shared by our corporate practitioners. The open spaces combined with the small size of the group allows our innovation coaches to devote maximal time to each participant and their thoughts in order to achieve the best possible learning of the masterclass. 

Our class agenda is set to be tight but leaves room for creative break-outs

Day 1

Break the ground for successful organizational innovation

08.00am – 09.00am: Breakfast (on-site)

09.00am – 10.00am: Fundamentals of innovation

10.00am – 12.00pm:  Set strategy and OKRs

12.00pm – 01.00pm: Lunch (on-site)

01.00pm – 03.00pm: Empower and incentivise stakeholders

03.00pm – 05.00pm: Set challenges to collect ideas

After-class: Dinner, meet innovators & startups in the heart of Silicon Valley

Day 2

Empower and scale innovation in your organization

08.00am – 09.00am: Breakfast (on-site)

09.00am – 12.00pm: Validate ideas through sprints

12.00pm – 01.00pm: Lunch (on-site)

01.00pm – 04.00pm: Execute fast to achieve strategic goals

04.00pm – 05.00pm: Course reflection

After-class: Dinner & get-together with all participants

Day 3 (optional)

Running an innovation institute in Silicon Valley

08.00am – 09.00am: Breakfast (on-site)

09.00am – 12.00pm: Innovation Masterclass @ Silicon Foundry

12.00pm – 01.00pm: Lunch @ Sundance The Steakhouse, Montain View

01.30pm – 03.00pm: Innovation Masterclass @ Tech company

04.30pm: Return to San Francisco




Powered by the experts of innovation management and execution

DII and Nectir have joined forces to empower enterprises in launching, managing and executing employee-generated ideas. Nectir’s platform allows a business to address challenges, mobilize the right resources and efficiently enable solutions. Detecon’s comprehensive experience in executing innovation and strategy initiatives combined with Nectir’s flexible ideation platform offers a unique opportunity to steer clients promising ideas into beneficial business solutions with measurable results.

Nectir: Ideation Software 

By joining forces with Nectir, the rising star in the space of SaaS idea management solutions, Detecon enables your organization to fully unleash the untapped innovation potential of your workforce. Nectir allows you to raise awareness about pressing challenges, collect all ideas for improvement, validate the relevance and assign the right resources where needed. The platform tracks the entire development progress and leverages Detecon’s qualification to drive rapid internal innovation, align it with your strategic objectives and translate validated ideas into viable business solutions. Learn more…


Detecon Innovation Institute

The Detecon Innovation Institute (DII) is the innovation powerhouse of Detecon, a leading innovation strategy consultancy and subsidiariy of Deutsche Telekom. With their expertise in the digital field they help clients across the globe to pursue the opportunities of digital transformation of stakeholder ideas into scalable innovation results. With offices in San Francisco, Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai, Berlin and other innovation hubs around the world, the Detecon team is highly specialized and experienced in capturing technology topics and transforming them into marketable and scalable products and services. Throughout the last 40 years, Detecon has delivered 20,000+ projects worldwide, developed a holistic framework and supported companies to thrive in innovation. This is made possible by designing and implementing individually tailored solutions for various types of innovation use cases.

Clients from all industries innovate with us

“Detecon has by far exceeded the expectations we had for this innovation journey. Your inroads into the world of Start-Ups and Incubators enabled the journey to become a great experience.”

Global Head of Logistics, BMW

“The knowledge we generated from the trip is extremely valuable for us and we are already in follow up activities with a number of companies around different topics. Thank you!”

CIO, Telefonica

“The workshop organization was excellent. Thank you very much for these very knowledgeable  workshops and for putting us in contact with potential strategic partners. ”


Philipp Schett

Managing Director
Detecon Innovation Institute

Philipp Schett, the Managing Director of the Detecon Innovation Institute, is an expert in people empowerment, ecosystem building and strategic alignment. He believes that strategy execution and agile innovation management are two disciplines that need to be synergized – and include the entire organization. Philipp brings over 10 years of extensive experience in empowering organizations to accelerate growth from inside, applying the methodologies of open innovation. He enables his clients to establish a feed forward culture by  instilling them Silicon Valley practices.

Tristan Maddigan

Nectir: Ideation Software

Tristan Maddigan, the CEO and founder of Nectir, is a serial entrepreneur with a successful track record of launching innovative and growth-oriented businesses. Over the course of his long career, Tristan and his team have helped drive strategy-focused and measurable growth for countless clients ranging from SMBs to large enterprises. Tristan brings over 15 years of experience and passion in driving company culture, innovative thinking, and strategy setting, applying the methods of open innovation and agile sprints to produce cultures of change and impactful results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you host innovation masterclasses?

Please refer to our schedule for upcoming events in your area. We are hosting the first innovation masterclass in our US office in the heart of Silicon Valley. Visiting us in San Francisco gives you the great opportunity to get in touch with established tech companies as well as aspiring startups.

What is included in the $1499 offer?

The San Francisco offer includes full-time coaching during our two-day program plus off-site visits in Silicon Valley on the third optional day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on all three days are our treat. For our masterclasses in other locations we are planning to organize equivalent off-site visits on for a third day.

Can you help me with accommodation?

Yes, absolutely. Our team is happy to assist you in finding a suitable accommodation close to the venue. We will provide you with useful suggestions.

What is the workload like?

Our program is designed to give you a maximum learning effect. We always try to find a balance between more intensive brain-teasing activities, in which the active participation of all participants is required, and more educational sessions, in which our corporate practitioners share their innovation experiences. The active participation of everyone in the workshops is essential in order to acquire the innovation concepts in a practical way and to internalize them directly.

How do we spend the after-class evenings?

We endeavor to tailor the program to your interests. Based on the profiles and preferences of the participants, we organize theme evenings in the host city, including dinners in selected local venues.

Is this program certified?

Yes, it is. You will receive a joint certification from Nectir and the Detecon Innovation Institute at the end of the masterclass. After the successful completion of the the two-days program, you will be skilled to facilitate and drive the innovation process in a corporate environment, which is characterized by a variety of bottlenecks. Our curriculum and the “key learnings” outlined on this page, provide more details on the topics that the class will elaborate on.

How do I sign up?

All you need to do is to fill in the contact form on this page. Our team will check the availability of places for the masterclass event you signed up for and confirm your participation by e-mail.

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